Plan Design

Plan Design Analysis for the Private Sector

At Manquen Vance we become an extension of your Finance and Human Resource departments by working with your leadership team to manage and shape your benefit programs into the future.

Even as the healthcare industry continues to change, Manquen Vance remains ahead of the game. Our leading-edge approach provides meaningful information which we use to evaluate cost drivers, trends, and savings opportunities associated with our clients’ benefit plans. We evaluate the impact of various plan management initiatives and forecast the impact of future plan changes.

Our employer groups receive consistent year-to-year data, reporting formats, and comparative benchmarks. This highly detailed yet understandable information enables us to work together in a continuous, interactive manner as plan management issues arise.

Our Strategic Focus

We assist employer groups in creating “plan design strategies” that act as a “roadmap” for moving toward benefit plans that are sustainable long into the future. We tailor specific plan design solutions to meet “cost-cutting” goals and targeted budget objectives. We examine whether a benefit plan should be insured, experience-rated, or self-funded.  We draw from our own extensive client database to illustrate “best practices”. Our newsletters, seminars and webinars all support our effort to keep you well ahead of the market as ideas and new products emerge.