Health & Wellness Centers

Partner with like-minded employers to inspire employees and their families to achieve well-being and health through innovation, quality, cost effective healthcare delivered with enthusiasm and compassion. Integrate wellness and care management with primary and chronic patient care. Through an employer-sponsored Health & Wellness Center provide healthcare near or at places of employment, making healthcare easier, better and more affordable for employees and their families. A Health & Wellness center will become one of your truly valued benefits by employees and recruits.

Targeted Wellness Programs- We meet with our clients to discuss wellness strategy, budget, and philosophies to create a targeted recommendation that fits each municipalities’ individual needs and goals.  There is a large continuum of wellness programs, and we feel it is important to provide education on the various pros/cons of each to ensure our clients choose the option that provides the most value to their employee base.

Why Use Employer Sponsored Health & Wellness Centers?

  • Convenient exclusive health care center for eligible members (employees; in-area non-Medicare retirees; dependents)
  • Provides primary care; acute & episodic care; Rx dispensary; wellness coaching and chronic condition management
  • Employees will be able to pick up most prescriptions at the center (up to a 90 day supply)
  • Center can conduct pre and post employment screening
  • Can become the “hub” for delivering wellness initiatives and introducing future healthcare services
  • Co-exists with current insurance plans
  • No PPO fee schedules or “fee for service” reimbursement model; pay for what you use
  • All supplies; labs and office costs are purchased through large national contracts and are passed on “at cost”--- no up-charges

Health Center Management Company Services

Revolutionize employee healthcare with the numerous benefits offered to employers and employees through a collaborative healthcare approach. Employers see a reduction in healthcare claims for employers, an increase in productivity in their employees, at the same time employees see a savings with no co-pays and stay on top of their health with access to wellness programs and providers that are on-site and require no appointment wait times. As 4 out of 5 employees prefer new benefits over a pay raise, no matter the employee size a collaborative approach is the way of the future.

Medical & Health

Primary Care
Acute Care
Episodic Care
Patient Medication Adherence
Pharmaceutical Dispensary
Mail Order Medication
Sports Physicals
Plan of Care Compliance

Support Services

24/7 Call-Center
1-800 Customer Support
Education Tools
Information Technology Support
HRA Employee Events


Clinical Outcome

Self-Care Education Tools
Purchasing Coordination
Clinic Inventory Management
Patient Survey Feedback
Clinic Best Practices Sharing
ROI Analysis Budget Adherence


Electronic Medical Record
CareHere Connect
Information Technology
Online Appointment Scheduler
Smartphone Application
EMR Access & Integration with Outside Specialist/PCP/ER


Case Management
Weight Management
Hypertension Management
Addiction Intervention
Pre-Diabetes Management
Lipid Management
Nutritional Counseling
Plan of Care Compliance
Mental Health Management
Disease Management
Stress Management
Tobacco Cessation
Exercise Adherence
Cardiovascular Risk Reduction
Health Risk Assessment/30 Panel Biometric Blood Draw


Wellness Coaches
Director of Clinic
Client Operations
Care Coordinator
Case Manager
Medical Staff Management
Medical Provider Management
Medical Provider Recruitment
Medical Staff Recruitment
Medical Malpractice Insurance

For information on our most recent Health and Wellness project, please see the following press articles:

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Royal Oak, Ferndale, Madison Heights Say Yes to Cutting-Edge Wellness Center for City Employees, June 2014

Are you a candidate for an employer-sponsored health care center?

For more information on how you can implement Health and Wellness into your organization, please give us a call at: 248-878-2100 to learn more.