Direct Contracting

Identify opportunities to contract directly for medical services, promoting pricing transparency, and lowering costs while maintaining the integrity and quality of your existing group healthcare plan.

Reference Based Pricing

A methodology or model whereby industry benchmarks and cost metrics are used to determine fair reimbursement payments to providers of medical services.  Level the playing field for self-funded plans by defining reasonable claim limits that lower employee and employer out of pocket costs.

High Performance Networks

An alternative to referenced based pricing or ineffective leased networks, we build you own network based on your specific needs. Limit disruption by collaborating with all stakeholders, creating and negotiating reasonable provider contracts to deliver decreased costs. Hospital systems are looking for alternative revenue models, are we are beginning see direct contract arrangements between employers and these systems that can be a win-win for both parties.

Outpatient Surgery

Utilize a cost containment solution that enables self-insured plans and their employees to access and identify qualified physicians and healthcare facilities who have agreed to offer all-inclusive, low-cost bundled prices on more than 400 outpatient elective surgical procedures. Employers can enjoy significant savings on high cost elective procedures while employees can benefit from a full or partial elimination of their healthcare deductibles and co-pays.