Retiree Healthcare

Specialized Expertise in Group Retiree Plan Solutions

We understand that skyrocketing retiree healthcare costs are placing a substantial burden on public sector finances. We also understand the difficulty in legally impacting this legacy liability. Our firm has been proactively assisting our clients with retiree healthcare since our beginning. We have logged more hours than anyone in the state working on retiree healthcare solutions, including some very complex engagements with public employers in Emergency Management or Consent Orders.

We work closely with our clients and their attorneys to develop sustainable strategies that vary based on each employer’s unique fact pattern. We assist our public clients with the implementation of various options across a large continuum based on retiree contracts, financial need, philosophies, and starting point.

Below is a partial list of programs our firm has analyzed and implemented:

We are also subject matter experts on federal and state court cases that have or will impact retiree healthcare, Public Act 202, and GASB 75.

Our services focus on transition strategies, consensus building and managing change in contentious union and retiree populations. We also keep our clients abreast of the evolving legislative and political landscape advising and preparing them for change. Through our sister company, we manage all steps of the Retiree Drug Subsidy (RDS) Programs and virtually eliminate the time your staff spends on the myriad of tasks required under these programs. For more information on RDS Services, please visit RDS Services, LLC a division of Manquen Vance.

Consensus Building through Committees

Many employer groups have strong contractual guarantees to continue providing a certain level of healthcare benefits to retirees. This often makes it very difficult for management to address overall plan costs in which one segment is rising the fastest. We understand retiree contractual promises. We have succeeded in identifying plans and programs that generate savings and have facilitated change through a collaborative process. We make sure to take into account the long-standing history between the various stakeholders and work with all concerned to facilitate the necessary change to create sustainable long-term plans.

Case Study


  • City with approximately 900 retirees covered under BCBS and HAP Medicare Supplemental plans
  • History of mistrust
  • retirees initially reluctant to consider change
  • Committee reviewed Medicare plans for savings without reduction in benefit coverage
  • Renewal costs for all plans projected to exceed $2000000


  • Assembled representative group of retirees from all unions
  • Provided evidence of equivalency educated group on Medicare Advantage plans
  • Analyzed plan options


  • Annual projected savings of $600K per year reduced OPEB liability by over $5 million
  • Secured support of unions created advocates of retiree groups
  • Created a transition plan with carriers developed contingency arrangements & managed communication campaign

Annual Savings: $600,000


“The City met with stiff resistance from unions and retirees during their initial attempt at making changes to retiree plans. Mark Manquen’s team at Cornerstone Municipal was able to bring together a very broad group of retirees to facilitate discussion, educate, clear-up misconceptions, and explain some very difficult subject matter, ultimately building consensus to facilitate change from our traditional health plans to several Medicare Advantage plans. This is saving the City over $600,000 year.”

Kimberly Craig
Assistant Corporation Counsel
City of Dearborn, MI