Account Management

Account Management for the Public Sector

The overriding objective at Manquen Vance is to enable our employer groups to find affordable health care benefit plans while maintaining the best coverage without sacrificing employee satisfaction. Our staff provides a full array of services that guide and supplement your Human Resource and Finance Departments as well as troubleshoot claims problems and help educate employees/retirees.

Dedicated Account Manager or Director

You’re assigned an Account Manager who is your Go-To person. When plan members cannot resolve claim and billing issues with the carrier your Account Manager will assist; they also assist with benefit and compliance questions.  Your Account Team will handle your account throughout the year by managing timelines and tasks for benefit renewals, annual or special enrollment activities, special projects, implementing new benefit plans and changes to existing plans, and many other services.

Vendor Management and Interface

As an independent agency, we work with numerous insurance companies, third party administrators, and other benefit/service organizations to obtain quotes, implement new benefits or benefit changes, process renewals, troubleshoot any claims, billing, or benefit issues.

Concise Reporting and Analysis

Our Plan Analyst team is responsible to obtain and analyze benefit plan renewals and quarterly/annual settlement reports, claim experience, demographics, and stop loss levels; development of employee/retiree contributions and illustrative rates for self-funded groups.  We use our analysis work to support negotiating renewal increases and rate guarantee periods.

Regulatory and Compliance

We provide assistance, information, analysis, and guidance on the application of State and Federal laws such as HIPAA, COBRA, FMLA, PPACA – Health Care Reform, Section 125 non-discrimination and others.

Plan Document Review

We assist in preparing and reviewing plan documents, reviewing insurance certificates as well as third-party contracts. As insurance rules become more complicated it is increasingly important to document your “plan rules” and have an effective mechanism in place to communicate these rules to “human resource” staff and employees. We will prepare you and your staff in this effort.

Audit Services

We will help clients manage member eligibility. Plans where “member eligibility” is not proactively managed can succumb to cost leaks.  Large claim, Medicare, Retiree, and Dependent Eligibility audits ensure that only benefit-eligible members are covered under your plan and that your organization only pays for their fair share of plan costs.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The staff at Manquen Vance is dedicated and focused on customer-service excellence.  We conduct periodic surveys to gain an understanding of our clients’ “level of satisfaction” and to determine what services or process may need improvement.

HIPAA Compliance – PHI protection

A challenge created by the HITECH Act is how to be compliant and meet the “reasonable and appropriate” standard set by HIPAA. Manquen Vance is committed to protect the security and confidentiality of both employers and employee/retiree health information to which we have access.  You can see how we are observing and maintain HIPAA compliance by viewing our Compliance Metertm.  There are four values displayed: policies, procedures, forms, and tasks completed.  We also subscribe to a data encryption service to safeguard emails containing PHI.

Relationship Management – Implementation

Phase 1

Conduct introductory meeting

Conduct preliminary goal setting

Conduct strategic review to prioritize issues

Collect pertinent documents

Establish an initial plan of action

Phase 2

Review and analyze information

Share analysis with Client

Finalize plan of action
(short-term & long-term)

Prepare plan for implementation
& communication

Phase 3

Establish cadence of ongoing
service meetings

Continually monitor vendors,
programs and financials

Conduct a compliance review to
identify any potential gaps

Relationship Management – Day to Day

Multi-layer structure to our service team with all team members having day-to-day engagement with client

We respond to our clients as soon as possible, within 24 hours
We place a percentage of comp on client satisfaction

Client’s HR Staff

Benefit Administration team available to assist with employee issues & concerns providing direct contact with employees

We actively manage carrier relationships throughout the year and report any changes