Vendor Evaluation

Vendor Evaluation for the Public Sector

Our team will provide vendor management and liaison services to our Clients. Our staff has a depth of knowledge and familiarity with the vendor community and we possess very good mutual relationships, which benefits our clients.

In addition to general day-to-day services, Manquen Vance will release a Request for Proposal to the marketplace in order to review all of your vendor options now and at renewal. Evaluating, negotiating, and recommending insurers and providers to our clients are Manquen Vance specialties. Our position in the marketplace allows us to enjoy preferred financial arrangements with insurance vendors and third party administrators across the United States. We actively cultivate long-standing relationships with major carriers, and those relationships allow us to negotiate aggressively and obtain cost-efficient proposals for our clients.

As we negotiate with vendors, we will also examine your loss history, establish the necessary types of coverage consistent with your risk tolerance, choose carriers that provide superior services, and adopt the optimal funding mechanisms for your specific needs.

We have established rigorous selection criteria for potential vendors, and recommend a selection based on the following considerations.

Critical Vendor Selection Criteria

  • Overall service and quality
  • Experience in administering network-based programs
  • Commitment to continuous quality improvement processes
  • Experience in administering multiple option health programs
  • Quality of communication materials (e.g. booklets; EOBs; etc.)
  • Effective administration procedures (e.g. coordination of benefits; subrogation; etc.)
  • Responsiveness of group representative
  • Cost efficiency
  • Responsiveness to client feedback
  • Professionalism of response to RFP
  • Willingness to adapt to changing needs and circumstances
  • Adequate staffing ratios
  • Superior network coverage in relation to location of employees/retirees

We also evaluate vendors for other performance objectives and incorporate these objectives into the service agreement when possible.