Are you a candidate for an employer-sponsored health care center?

Most employer groups are desperate to know what can be done to contain rising health care costs. Many have made strides to contain costs by increasing deductibles and employee contributions, but what they need to do is avoid cost. We advocate the best way is for employers to develop short and long term plans to encourage employees and their covered dependents to get and stay healthy – thus avoiding medical plan costs.  Employer-sponsored health & wellness centers not only contain costs but they avoid rising health care costs while enhancing employee satisfaction.

Are you a candidate for an employer-sponsored health care center?
Ask yourself

1.  What would you do if your next self-funded medical/Rx plan renewal is significantly higher than you expected?

2.  What will you be negotiating during your next bargaining talks?

3.  How well is your worksite wellness program working, if you have one?

4.  Do you have the resources (staff, finances, etc.) to investigate, implement, and realize your ROI on a worksite wellness program which include an employer-sponsored health and wellness center?

5.  Would you welcome a proven way to reduce absenteeism and increase presenteeism, and the resulting decreases in disability claims, FMLA occurrences?

We facilitated a three city collaboration that delivers a solution that allows the cities to offer affordable health care to benefit their employees.  Their interlocal agreement acts on Gov. Rick Snyder’s health and wellness goals for the state.  We commend the cities of Ferndale, Madison Heights, and Royal Oak for their leadership and progressive stance to be on the cutting edge of this concept and the first in southeast Michigan to implement an employer-sponsored health care center.  Their MiLife Health & Wellness Center opened in January 2015.

Do you want to be the next employer group to sponsor a health & wellness center for your employees?

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